Children will enjoy our fully immersive French classes tailored to their age and abilities. Classes are designed for learning in a relaxed environment with personal interaction for optimal benefits. Children will learn and be exposed to the French language through playful, varied and engaging activities: songs, music, videos, French books, French comics, illustrations, flash cards, and educational games. Children will also have the opportunity to interact in French through theater and acting out stories. Reading French will be introduced as well as building on vocabulary and telling short stories in French.

Individual class (35-minute session): $30
If you sign up for a set of 10 classes: $270
You choose your own schedule! We can meet 1 or twice week or more !

Group classes: a group class has a minimum of two students up to maximum of four. (45-minute session)  The group meets usually once a week, but it can be flexible.

You can sign up for:
4 weeks: $70 per student
6 weeks: $105 per student
8 weeks:  $130 per student
10 weeks: $ 160 par student