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One-day Intermediate & Advanced Intensive Workshop

This workshop is designed to help intermediate students brush up and reinforce their French skills. The workshop gives you the opportunity to review important grammar points, extend your vocabulary and boost your oral proficiency and fluency by speaking French all day. You will also be able to more accurately assess your grasp of the French language and start bringing your skills up to the next level.

During the intermediate one-day immersion you will learn or review:

  • Asking questions in French

  • Verbs in the present tense, future, past and conditional

  • How to handle a casual conversation

  • Useful and common expressions

  • Negative constructions

  • Forms and uses of pronouns (all types)

  • Expressing emotions and feelings

Workshop will run from 9:30am till 3:30pm.
Lunch in not included, please bring your own.

The workshop will be taking place in Kittery, Maine.
$85 per student.

Space is limited.

For more info contact Jean-Christophe at
or at (603)-828-4364