Do any of the following apply to your company?

  • You are in partnership with a French-based company

  • You are doing business in France, Canada or Africa

  • Your employees need to get ready for a job in Europe or Africa

  • Your employees need to be able to communicate in French and maintain a good relationship with their clients

If so, Active French School can provide an interactive, fun and efficient way to learn French on-site at your location or online via Skype. Our French classes are carefully tailored to your company's needs. We focus on French for business to enable you to work more effectively with your French colleagues or clients.

Satisfied Customers

  • Albany Engineered Composites

  • Albany International Corporation

  • International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP)

  • Lonza: A Global Leader in Life Sciences

  • Safran Aerospace - Defense - Security

  • Snecma

These companies have all expressed their great satisfaction with the French training program provided by Jean-Christophe Barré and Active French School. After receiving this training their employees are now able to speak French with their clients and communicate in situations that may arise when they travel to Europe or Africa for business.

On-Site/Online Training for US Government Clients

  • If you work for a Federal Agency and need a special French language training

  • If you are preparing for deployment and need to understand and communicate in French

  • If you are a diplomat and need to upgrade your French language skills

We will deliver the best possible training to make sure you will be a professional at your best in your workplace.

About our classes...

Classes have been developed by Jean-Christophe Barré based on his 20+ years of actively teaching French both in France and the USA.

Some of the teaching materials will include:

  • Articles & surveys

  • Film excerpts, photos, online videos &audio streaming

  • Authentic materials about current events

  • Customized vocabulary lists
    (composed of words & expressions related to your industry)

  • Homework!
    (given to reinforce each class and for practice between classes)

Because it is important to make the student part of the learning process, great care is taken to make sure each student gets practice speaking during class. For example many exercises involve role playing to simulate possible workplace interactions, business social functions etc.

How Active French School can work with you...

  • We have the flexibility to adapt to your schedule

  • We can organize ongoing one-day French immersion workshops to reinforce your skills and make learning faster

  • We can even organize a trip to France to participate in an intensive immersion program with one of the best schools in France to learn French as a second language

For more info and prices for On-Site/On-Line Learning:
Call 603-828-4364 or email