Online French Classes with Active French School

  • Each class will focus (as usual) on your oral skills, French grammar, and oral comprehension.

  • In order to be efficient during your Online Class and to enable you to speak more during class, I will send you materials via email in advance that we will work on in class.

  • Materials will include--movie excerpts from YouTube, audio files, pictures, and exercises on PDF or Word documents.

Online Classes can be scheduled in advance or month to month, or week to week.

  • Schedule a class anytime with 12 hours notice.

  • Cancel a class with 12 hours notice.

  • Please Note: Classes canceled with less than 12 hours notice will be considered missed and payment is expected and appreciated for missed classes.


About Skype...

  • Online Classes can be held via Google Hangouts or Skype for our virtual classrooms because these messenger services are free for all, it offers a very good rate of stability and are very easy to use.

  • Please set up an account on your computer ahead of time and test your system before class.

  • You can send me a contact request via Skype: Jean-Christophe Barre, Portsmouth, Etats-Unis