"The French training program run by Jean-Christophe Barré is very good. It 's probably the best understanding I have gotten from any French class taken. I enjoy the class and I am learning a lot. It impacts my work almost everyday and supports a good relationship with our customer."

Deena D. Waldrop
Sr. Director, Leap Program Management
AEC, Inc.


"Jean-Christophe is patient, positive, flexible and happy to give us situational training. He teaches us useful phrases for daily life with the French He also follows a good discipline of mixed media (books, audio, conversation) to reinforce leaning."

Brian Dufresne
Strategic Sourcing Manager
AEC, Inc.


"The French training program is the best part of the week. I really enjoy the class. French has been very self improving as well as informative. I have learned a lot since my first day. Jean-Christophe makes learning French fun!"

Igor Radosavljevic
Engineer - Quality
AEC, Inc.

"My experience learning French with Jean-Christophe Barré and Active French School was extremely positive. Jean-Christophe is extremely professional, dependable and ensured above all that the learning experience was also enjoyable. Jean-Christophe was exceptionally flexible with our working schedule and customized our learning to include relevant business terms for our industry. Learning from a native speaker is always preferred and we felt like our pronunciation was helped greatly with this advantage."

Neil A. Bergeron
Head of engineering and facilities


The Active French School has been the most positive foreign language class I have ever experienced! What I appreciated about it was that Jean Christophe focuses on speaking and expressing ourselves verbally.  In other language learning experiences the focus has been on grammar and vocabulary. Although this is important, I have never been able to grasp actually speaking in conversation. His classes are fun and entertaining. The majority of the class is spent on conversation regarding every day activities. Some of the content is also around French culture, which I found tres interessant! I would highly recommend his classes to anyone who want to speak French!

Peg Correia,
Portsmouth, NH