The tutoring sessions for middle and high school students is fun and interactive using multimedia tools. We customize the session to the students' needs and goals. We do focus on speaking, listening and writing in French so the students will feel more confident in class at school. We give them study tips and methods to follow to be a better French student. We also make sure that they understood their lesson at school and ensure they will be better prepared for their next exam or quiz! They will improve their grades because this is our first priority! 

Individual class: (45-minute session): $35
If you sign up for a set of 10 classes: $275
You choose your own schedule! We can meet once or twice week or more!
Online tutoring is available via Skype.

Group classes: a group class has a minimum of two students up to a maximum of four.
The group meets usually once a week for a 1-hour session:
You can sign up for:
4 weeks: $90
6 weeks: $125
8 weeks: $155
10 weeks: $185